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Canada, NS, Antigonish



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDERSON, Alexander(4216) Murray  28 Sep 1928Canada, NS, Antigonish I4214 Wm.Mackean 
2 ANDERSON, Clarence(13929) Wentworth  04 Sep 1925Canada, NS, Antigonish I13926 Wm.Mackean 
3 ARCHIBALD, Alexander(2275) Wlyie  26 Oct 1961Canada, NS, Antigonish I2274 Wm.Mackean 
4 ARCHIBALD, Alexander(3804) Earl  16 Dec 1971Canada, NS, Antigonish I3802 Wm.Mackean 
5 ARCHIBALD, Andrew(3431) B.  09 Oct 1950Canada, NS, Antigonish I3429 Wm.Mackean 
6 ARCHIBALD, Barry(1477) Howard  12 Nov 1953Canada, NS, Antigonish I1476 Wm.Mackean 
7 ARCHIBALD, Bonnie(1499) Jean  09 May 1958Canada, NS, Antigonish I1498 Wm.Mackean 
8 ARCHIBALD, Charlene(1587) Zanne  30 Sep 1961Canada, NS, Antigonish I1586 Wm.Mackean 
9 ARCHIBALD, Dale(2272) Percy  22 Apr 1950Canada, NS, Antigonish I2271 Wm.Mackean 
10 ARCHIBALD, David(3628) Percy  05 Oct 1988Canada, NS, Antigonish I3626 Wm.Mackean 
11 ARCHIBALD, David(3805) Wayne  01 May 1974Canada, NS, Antigonish I3803 Wm.Mackean 
12 ARCHIBALD, Devan(3652) Wentworth  29 Oct 1982Canada, NS, Antigonish I3650 Wm.Mackean 
13 ARCHIBALD, Edwin(2196) Lawrence  18 May 1942Canada, NS, Antigonish I2195 Wm.Mackean 
14 ARCHIBALD, Elizabeth(3807) Rose  22 Apr 1985Canada, NS, Antigonish I3805 Wm.Mackean 
15 ARCHIBALD, Ella(1498) Marlene  12 May 1954Canada, NS, Antigonish I1497 Wm.Mackean 
16 ARCHIBALD, Gerald(1497) Robert  15 May 1950Canada, NS, Antigonish I1496 Wm.Mackean 
17 ARCHIBALD, Harold(1004) MacBain  26 Oct 1936Canada, NS, Antigonish I1003 Wm.Mackean 
18 ARCHIBALD, Jane(2273) Maureen  04 Aug 1953Canada, NS, Antigonish I2272 Wm.Mackean 
19 ARCHIBALD, Jason(1480) Fisher  16 Jan 1979Canada, NS, Antigonish I1479 Wm.Mackean 
20 ARCHIBALD, John(1476) Frank  24 Jan 1949Canada, NS, Antigonish I1475 Wm.Mackean 
21 ARCHIBALD, John(2274) Brent Elwyn  09 Mar 1957Canada, NS, Antigonish I2273 Wm.Mackean 
22 ARCHIBALD, Kalysa(3650) Janine  03 Oct 1975Canada, NS, Antigonish I3648 Wm.Mackean 
23 ARCHIBALD, Kelci(3651) Alyna  09 Nov 1978Canada, NS, Antigonish I3649 Wm.Mackean 
24 ARCHIBALD, Krista(1479) Dawn  06 Jun 1977Canada, NS, Antigonish I1478 Wm.Mackean 
25 ARCHIBALD, Shanon(3627) Teresa  18 Dec 1979Canada, NS, Antigonish I3625 Wm.Mackean 
26 ARCHIBALD, Shari(2276) Elizabeth  26 Apr 1963Canada, NS, Antigonish I2275 Wm.Mackean 
27 ARCHIBALD, Susan(3806) Elizabeth  20 Jun 1977Canada, NS, Antigonish I3804 Wm.Mackean 
28 ARCHIBALD, Timothy(1500) Fisher  26 Aug 1964Canada, NS, Antigonish I1499 Wm.Mackean 
29 ARCHIBALD, Wayne(3429) A.  13 Sep 1944Canada, NS, Antigonish I3427 Wm.Mackean 
30 BAKER, Nancy Maxine  12 Sep 1949Canada, NS, Antigonish I8850 Wm.Mackean 
31 CAMERON, Ida(3533) June  14 Apr 1931Canada, NS, Antigonish I3531 Wm.Mackean 
32 CAMERON, Michael(1505) Gerald Francis  22 Dec 1985Canada, NS, Antigonish I1504 Wm.Mackean 
33 CAMERON, Robert(1504) Matthew Harold  22 Dec 1985Canada, NS, Antigonish I1503 Wm.Mackean 
34 CARTY, Carol(1102) Eileen  28 May 1939Canada, NS, Antigonish I1101 Wm.Mackean 
35 CARTY, Darla(1120) Lee  06 Nov 1967Canada, NS, Antigonish I1119 Wm.Mackean 
36 CARTY, Dwayne(1119) Joseph  12 Oct 1966Canada, NS, Antigonish I1118 Wm.Mackean 
37 CARTY, Elizabeth(1109) Gretha  06 Feb 1952Canada, NS, Antigonish I1108 Wm.Mackean 
38 CARTY, Helen(1108) Marie  27 Nov 1950Canada, NS, Antigonish I1107 Wm.Mackean 
39 CARTY, Jason(1118) Robinson  19 Mar 1982Canada, NS, Antigonish I1117 Wm.Mackean 
40 CARTY, Lori(1121) Anne  24 Nov 1973Canada, NS, Antigonish I1120 Wm.Mackean 
41 CHISHOLM, Brenda(2387) Jean  15 Aug 1945Canada, NS, Antigonish I2385 Wm.Mackean 
42 CHISHOLM, Kevin(2386) John  06 Jun 1942Canada, NS, Antigonish I2384 Wm.Mackean 
43 COPELAND, Stanley  Canada, NS, Antigonish I9064 Wm.Mackean 
44 CRUICKSHANK, Claire Edith  11 Apr 1931Canada, NS, Antigonish I8875 Wm.Mackean 
45 CUNNINGHAM, Jodi(1861) Alison  30 Dec 1981Canada, NS, Antigonish I1860 Wm.Mackean 
46 CUNNINGHAM, Jonathan(1862) Ashley  15 May 1985Canada, NS, Antigonish I1861 Wm.Mackean 
47 CURTIS, Catherine(3545) Maryjean  27 Jul 1958Canada, NS, Antigonish I3543 Wm.Mackean 
48 DELANEY, George Edward  18 Sep 1939Canada, NS, Antigonish I8674 Wm.Mackean 
49 DELANEY, Holly(3826) Michelle  08 May 1984Canada, NS, Antigonish I3824 Wm.Mackean 
50 DELANEY, Shelley(3824) Doreen Marie  17 Sep 1963Canada, NS, Antigonish I3822 Wm.Mackean 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ARCHIBALD, Alexander  19 Jul 1968Canada, NS, Antigonish I8446 Wm.Mackean 
2 CAMERON, James(2513) Scott  02 May 1954Canada, NS, Antigonish I2511 Wm.Mackean 
3 CARTY, Hazen Vincent  06 Sep 1974Canada, NS, Antigonish I8605 Wm.Mackean 
4 DUNBAR, Roderick Smith  04 Jul 1973Canada, NS, Antigonish I9003 Wm.Mackean 
5 FISHER, Ruth(1064) Janet  31 Aug 1934Canada, NS, Antigonish I1063 Wm.Mackean 
6 MacDONALD, John Edward  01 Jan 1986Canada, NS, Antigonish I9890 Wm.Mackean 
7 MacKEEN, Holly(8458) Sarah  16 Dec 1986Canada, NS, Antigonish I8456 Wm.Mackean 
8 MacKEEN, Mark(1019) Chisholm  26 Apr 1962Canada, NS, Antigonish I1018 Wm.Mackean 
9 MacKEEN, William (8459) Joseph  06 Oct 1988Canada, NS, Antigonish I8457 Wm.Mackean 
10 ROSS, Donald MacDonald  26 Feb 1976Canada, NS, Antigonish I8386 Wm.Mackean 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHISHOLM, John Joseph  Canada, NS, Antigonish I8385 Wm.Mackean 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COOLEY / SMITH  13 Jan 1962Canada, NS, Antigonish F798 Wm.Mackean 
2 KIRK / CHISHOLM  30 May 1986Canada, NS, Antigonish F592 Wm.Mackean 
3 LAING / THOMSON  15 Aug 1953Canada, NS, Antigonish F1276 Wm.Mackean 
4 MacDONALD / CHISHOLM  10 Sep 1966Canada, NS, Antigonish F1293 Wm.Mackean 
5 MacKEEN / MacDONALD  Canada, NS, Antigonish F1794 Wm.Mackean 
6 McKEEN / GRIFFIN  27 Jun 1904Canada, NS, Antigonish F334 Wm.Mackean 
7 McKEEN / McGRATH  26 Aug 1966Canada, NS, Antigonish F1325 Wm.Mackean 
8 TAYLOR / HORNSBY  18 Aug 1984Canada, NS, Antigonish F630 Wm.Mackean 

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