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Forward to the 'MacIain Chiefs' 1990 edition

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The efforts of many MacKeans/McKeens in the 1980s resulted in the
updating of the original 'MacKean Genealogies', and the printing of
the 'MacIain Chiefs' genealogy. The following is the forward to
that edition, by Wilma (Mackean) Powell, one of the principals
behind this effort.

Putting together a paper, magazine article, or book of
any description can be a daunting task - particularly for the
uninitiated, non-professional writer, and all contributors to
this work fall into this category. Therefore, if our attempt at
putting together this humble publication is not as slick as the
New Yorker, or as in-depth intellectually as the Atlantic
Monthly, your forbearance is requested.

Many years ago William R. MacLean of Nova Scotia
produced the first work on the Nova Scotia MacKean Family
branch titled "MacKean Chiefs". He was building on a
previous publication by Cornelius McKean of Perry, Iowa,
published in 1902. The genesis of this latest MacKean
history has spanned many years with several generations of
various branches of the family stating that "someone should
up-date the MacKean Chiefs book", and countless others
wishing it had been done. Finally, the principals involved
here decided that, if a definitive work was to be published,
buck-passing and waiting for others to complete the task had
to stop.

They made a commitment and began the amateur, fumbling,
embryonic steps required to compile a book, as complete as
possible, on the Nova Scotia MacKean clan and its ancestral

Some paraphrase of "fools rush in" may be applicable.
I (Wilma Powell, nee MacKean, of Halifax and Aspen, Nova
Scotia), was persuaded by many people to oversee the task
and coordinate the publication. Principal among these was
John McKeen of Saint Paul, Minnesota. His drive,
enthusiasm, and work ethics were an inspiration to all
involved. His writing and archival research, which included
trips to Scotland, Pennsylvania, Canada, and New England,
comprise a major portion of this volume.

I, in turn, had to do some persuading in order to get the
quality of help I required, thus Clarence Archibald, whose
knowledge of business and un-questionable character proved
to be the right choice. His recall of 'who's who' has also
proven invaluable. The most difficult task in this undertaking
goes to the editor, and I am sure "Divine Guidance" led me
to Bobby Marks, "who does not have a drop of Blue Blood in
his veins, but is my nephew by marriage". He took on the
Herculean task of editing, sorting, developing, and maintaining
the volumes of submitted material in a user-friendly data-base.
Without his help, and the cooperation of his understanding and