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MacIain Genealogy Origins

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McKean Genealogies

In 1902 Cornelius McKean of Perry, Iowa, published his researches
on the ancestry of William MacKean of Argyllshire, Scotland.

The book contained his work and that of over 70 contributors
who had researched their Mackean family origins. The history
traced the descendants of William MacKean's grandsons, who had
emigrated from Ireland to America, producing branches of the
family in New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, and Pennsylvania, and
subsequently all over North America.
The book was over 200 pages of family narratives, illustrations
and pictures, and provided details on over 650 MacKean family

In the 1930's William R. MacLean of Nova Scotia began researching
the Nova Scotia branches of this family and compiled a large
amount of information which subsequently found its way into
the hands of Clarence Archibald of Denver, NS.

In 1987 John E. McKeen of St.Paul Minnesota paid a visit
to Nova Scotia, doing research on his family's origins. He met
Wilma (MacKean) Powell of Aspen NS, and Clarence Archibald, who
unearthed the William MacLean work, and coupled with the original
work of Cornelius McKean, initiated a project which has been
ongoing ever since. Wilma Powell prevailed upon her nephew
Bob Marks, of Halifax, to undertake the job of organizing the
data and the rest, as they say, is history.