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   Web Site Notes

The genealogy information in this website has been 'privatized', the personal details pertaining to persons deemed to be living have been suppressed. If more information is desired the webmaster should be contacted.

When viewing individual names in the genealogy pages the visitor will note that most first names are followed by a number in parenthesis ( ). The number is a reference originally assigned to that individual in the MacIain Chiefs genealogy book and was, and is, used to assist in indexing the names. Those names which do not display the number are spouses of the MacKean descendants.
Also, the visitor will note that some surnames may be enclosed by square brackets [ ]. This is typically used where the surname of a spouse is not known, so the descendant's surname is used, enclosed in brackets.

Note that although this website presents the descendants of William MacKean of Argyllshire, Scotland, it contains information on many other McKean/MacKeen/Mckeen/McCain families who are not proven to be connected to William.

When viewing an Individual's information the visitor will notice a small icon in the form of a 'magnifying glass' (    ). Clicking on it will present a list of descendants who also have events for that 'place'. In addition, when viewing the list of children of an individual, a 'greater than' sign ( > ) before the child's name will indicate that that person has descendants.

In the many notes attached to the information on individuals you will see references to 'Corn' or 'Cornelius', this is Cornelius McKean of Perry Iowa, the author of the 1902 'McKean Genealogy'. The notes are sometimes signed 'bm.'. This is Bob Marks of Halifax, Nova Scotia, the compiling editor of the present-day 'MacIain Genealogy'.

Mackean descendants are encouraged to contact the webmaster with any changes to their family genealogy. Suggestions for additional content would also be welcomed.

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