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The following are messages requesting information on specific Mackean/Mckeen/Mackeen names or family photos. To contact a person requesting assistance, click on their name. To post your own request for information, click here.

My grandmother is Eliza Annie Smith from Port Hood,NS. Her mother was Eliza MacKeen born in Hillsboro,NS 1822, daughter of Samuel McKeen, b. Truro,NS 1794. I would like to find some relatives to contact in NS.
Ken Froberg   19Oct2007

I am trying to find information regarding a Robert McCain, who died in April,1821. He had been living in County Tyrone, had sold his farm and was preparing to go to Canada and on to the USA. His wife was Margaret Sloan.
Fred McCain   4Mar2008

My gg-grandfather on my mother's side of the family was St. Clair McKean, son on Thomas Gerard McKean [Sr] who was born in Dublin, Ireland about 1779. St. Clair McKean was purported to have been born in 1807 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. His mother was purported to be Elizabeth Henry or Maria Elizabeth Henry. I don't have any other identifying information on her. St. Clair McKean's first wife, Minerva A. Johnson, was my gg-grandmother. She was born 26 Sep 1813 in Jefferson Township, Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio, United States. She died on 10 May 1877 or 1878 in Alhambra Township, Madison, Illinois, United States. St. Clair McKean is buried in Ellison Cemetery in Madison, Illinois, USA along with his first wife Minerva (Johnson) McKean. Their son, Isaac Johnston McKean [McCain] and 2nd wife Clarissa Aldrich were my g-grandparents. Their son, Charles Henry McKean and his wife Katie Mae "Katherine" Craig were my grandparents. I'm trying to find accurate information for Thomas Gerard McKean [Sr] who is purported to be my first McKean ancestor to immigrate to America. It seems that several of his puroported male ancestors are also named Thomas and their wives are unnamed except for one named Margrat Marshal, who was the wife of the first of my ancestors to emigrate from Scotland to Northern Ireland. I could use any info I can get to unravel the unknowns. Thanks
Katherine Dimitri   14Sep2008

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Grace M. MCKEEN which was taken at the Purdy Studio in Boston, Massachusetts. The photograph is dated '06 along with the initials "W. H. S." which I believe means this is a High School Graduation photograph from 1906.

Grace does appear to be in her teens at the time the photograph was taken.

I am hoping to locate someone from Grace's family so that this wonderful old photograph can be returned to the care of her family.

If you are a member of this MCKEEN Family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me.

Thanks, Shelley

Shelley Cardiel   23Feb2009

I need more information on a Thomas MacKean, he was born in Glasgow in the late 1800s. He had a sister named Cathrine. He was married to Eva Mitchell and had four children, Eva, Alice, Cathrine(my grandmother), and Jean. I'd like to know if he had any other children after he divorced my GGmother Eva. -thnx
Lauren Flecke   7Jun2009

I am seeking info on McKean (McCain) family in Guilford Ct. James or Patrick b. 1705. Children Barnabus, Patrick, Keturah, Patience James, Thomas, Grandch. Stephen,...John, James Beard McKean Patrick & Barnahus soldiers im Revolutionary War. John McKean (McCain) migrated to Missouri..son James Beard began McKean cemetary with burial of his mother. Now restored by cousins & myself. Barnabus gave land in Ct. at marriage of son John. Anyone with news of this line of McKean, McCain, MaCIan Clan, PLEASE e-mail me. May be Hartford, Delaware, Litchfield, CT. ? Thank you, Dorothy;.
Dorothy B. Trubacek   12Jul2009

mi papa nacio en argentina 1936 y murio en 1989.. su nombre juan carlos macaine.. su papa emilio waldo macaine nacio aprox 1910 pero no se el pais.. murio en le ano 1970 en argentina, quisiera saber de sus padres. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - My dad was born in Argentina 1936 and died in 1989 .. his name Juan Carlos Macaine .. his dad Emilio Waldo Macaine was born aprox 1910 but not the country .. he died in year 1970 in Argentina, I would like to know of his parents.
laura Macaine   01Oct2009

I (Igor Kayen) am born in the Netherlands in 1981 and found the trace of MacIain back from Kayen, and was wondering if there are more Kayens' who have descendants that may have ended up living a nomad lifestyle, and were also to be found from Persia towards France.
Igor Kayen   11Oct2011

I am looking for my cousin, Doreen Kelly. Doreen is the daughter of my aunt, Dorothy. Dorothy, Robert & Kenneth Finlay are the children of my grandparents. I remember Doreen living next door to us on West Adams Street in Somerville, MA. Doreen lived in Reading, MA, she did attend Wilminton, MA High School for a brief time. Doreen married Mike (?) and had two children, a boy and a girl. I heard she moved to California with her children. If anyone knows where I can find Doreen, please let her know I am looking for her. My name is Lois Freeland, she would know me as Lois Finlay. Thank you.
Lois Freeland   15Feb2012

I would like more information of the MacKean directed from Charles Richard MacKean. I am a son of Elizabeth Anne who is the granddaughter of Charles Richard. I am also aware of a daugther also given up from Elizabeth. As far as I am aware we are the only surviving members of this family. Both given up for adoption. Does anyone have information, pictures?. I have information on deaths, births etc I would like to add to the site.
Shawn Keast   04Nov2012